“I simply love Kate Martin’s jewelry, I get comments about how fabulous her jewelry is every time I wear it!”

. + Jane


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  1. Kate,

    I love your work….I have always admired your pieces…..good luck with your website….


  2. How can I purchase your jewelry?


  3. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kate and have always admired the jewelry she’s worn. Now seeing it all on her website I know where my paychecks will be going and it will be worth every penny spent. The feather earrings you see on the site are beautiful and I am wearing them now and they are beautiful.


  4. The Holiday Open House in Dartmouth was so nice. I love the earrings that I bought for my sister, and the Christmas tree earrings that I purchased for myself. I’m planning on going to the Dec 18 th show.

    • It was great meeting you and your friends. The 18th will be very cool.’Lots of crafts people…and will definitely be festive right before the holidays

  5. Thanks for posting your summer events. I need to purchase the necklace that matches my feather earrings. See you there. Sue

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